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Rick Simpson Oil CBD hemp


You can buy Rick Simpson oil in Arizona, Oklahoma and various other states, countries and regions where cannabis is legal.

Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears – as this kind of cannabis concentrate is sometimes referred to – has gained widespread fame as well as controversy in the medical world.

That’s because the oil’s eponymous creator’s biggest claim is that he used it to cure his own skin cancer…

This has not been proven in any kind of scientific testing. But, as a potent cannabis concentrate, people buy Rick Simpson oil with the aim of addressing other conditions too.

Here’s a little bit more about Rick Simpson oil, how to get it and how it works:

What is Rick Simpson oil?

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a type of cannabis oil designed to have a very high THC content. It is named after Rick Simpson, the Canadian cannabis activist who first created it.

Sometimes referred to as Phoenix Tears oil (“Phoenix Tears” is the name of Rick Simpson’s book and website), this particular cannabis concentrate is usually made via an ethanol extraction method.

In terms of purity, the original Rick Simpson oil seems to have been about 50-60% THC and 10-15% CBD. This differs depending on the strain used to create it. Modern oils tend to be stronger.

RSO is mainly famous for Rick Simpson’s well-publicized claim that he used his first batch of the oil to cure his own skin cancer back in 2003.

The Phoenix Tears story

After being diagnosed with skin cancer – specifically, basal cell carcinoma – Simpson decided to try to create his own cannabis oil as a form of treatment.

He had already been using medical marijuana to address tinnitus and dizziness he had been experiencing after a head injury. He had also recently learned of a study where THC had been shown to kill cancer cells in mice.

As related in his book Phoenix Tears: The Rick Simpson Story, Simpson collected a bunch of household items and created a cannabis oil which he then applied topically to the areas of his body where the carcinomas were growing. He claims that four days later, he was healed.

For many years following this, Simpson went about trying to perfect his oil and gain backing from the Canadian health authorities. To this day, the Canadian health authorities and the wider medical community continue to disbelieve his claims.

Medical marijuana benefits and skepticism

While there is no denying that medical marijuana has many benefits and can be used to provide some kind of relief for several conditions and issues, Rick Simpson’s claims that his particular oil cures cancer are currently unproven.

There is a small, vocal minority of medical marijuana proponents who believe Simpson. Some of these people also claim to have used his oil to cure their cancer. We’ve looked into the subject of whether Rick Simpson oil is a cancer treatment here.

But the Canadian authorities ordered Simpson to stop making his unproven claims back in 2009. Today, he claims that he is not even able to enter the US because of his Canadian criminal record. He now lives in essential exile in Europe.

While he once made the oil and distributed it for free, he now makes a clear separation between himself and anyone who makes the oil to sell online.

How to make Rick Simpson oil

One of the key stipulations Simpson makes about his oil is that prospective patients needs to make it themselves in order for it to have its full effect.

However, the creation process for Rick Simpson oil is:

  • Dangerous – the various solvents which can be used to extract the oil from the cannabis plant are all highly flammable. Making oils like this at home must also be done in a very well-ventilated area because of the fumes.
  • Worryingly DIY – the instructions, which are freely available on Simpson’s website, specify using various coffee filters and warmers, an electric rice cooker and an eclectic selection of other items.

Despite what the original creator stipulates, if you want to try using Rick Simpson oil for any reason, it’s always best to use something that’s been made by a professional rather than trying to make it yourself.


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