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Lemon Thai (Sativa)


Lemon Thai is 65% sativa dominant strain, with characteristics that closely resemble Hawaiian traits in both smell and experience. Lab results prove its potency to be consistently high, typically measuring around 20% THC. This old school favorite is known for its “lemon pledge” aroma with a sprig of mint. Lemon Thai can be identified by its reddish-orange hairs and lengthy green, two-toned nugs.

Cannabis users looking for cerebral stimulation love this strain for the upbeat and uplifting vibes it induces when smoked. It is great for daytime activities if not overused and many have found it to be useful to treat depression and ADD/ADHD.

Dutch Flowers, a long-standing coffeeshop in Amsterdam, popularized Lemon Thai amongst the cannabis aficionados frequenting Amsterdam’s legal cannabis scene. According to cannabis folklore, it’s believed that this strain was bred in the Hawaiian tropics from a cross between Thai Sativa and Hawaiian, and the product was later brought to Amsterdam. Lemon Thai has been used as a parent pheno for many strain favorites we know today.

Lemon Thai is a resinous plant with a heavy yield, averaging 600 grams per square meter. It’s roots love to spread out, so be sure to give it plenty of room to grow. It has uniquely broad leaves and its flowering period ranges from 11-13 weeks.


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